Systems Thinking Schools™ Summer Workshop

June 22-25, 2020 / Register Now!

Ready for your students to see the world through a whole new lens?

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This transformative four-day workshop supports elementary educators interested in integrating systems thinking into daily practice.

Systems thinking encourages students (and their teachers) to uncover the interconnectedness of all knowledge and deeply analyze the systems that underlie everything from subject-matter learning, interpersonal dynamics, and cause-and-effect relationships.

Systems thinking helps students learn more deeply and effectively and also fosters the exploration of ethical, environmental, and global issues—encouraging increased personal responsibility and social action. It also invigorates teachers’ planning and practice.

To learn more, click HERE for a study from researchers from Chapman University on the teaching and learning implications of systems thinking in a 5th grade classroom.

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Summer Workshop features

The Systems Thinking Schools Summer Workshop is perfect for educators interested in:

  • Become acquainted with systems thinking and the mindset shift it creates in students and teachers
  • Explore and apply ways to introduce systems thinking to your students
  • Understand how to deepen systems thinking in the classroom through questioning and mapping
  • Envision and plan how to apply systems thinking to classroom practice
  • Grasp the value of nurturing systems thinkers

Location and fees

For Grades K-6 / June 22-25, 2020
Location: Wildwood Elementary Campus / Registration Opens January 2020!

Early Bird Rates: Through May 15, 2020
$500 per person / $600 after May 15th for Public and Charter Schools
$600 per person / $700 after May 15th for Private and International Schools

On-site instructional support and coaching during the 2020-21 school year is also available for additional cost

Facilitators: The Educators of Systems Thinking Schools

The hosts and facilitators of this workshop are a team of teachers, administrators, and consultants from schools across Los Angeles. These include independent schools like Wildwood, as well as LAUSD’s Palms Elementary and Mid-City’s Prescott Schools—the founding partners of Systems Thinking Schools, a community of public and private schools committed to student and school success everywhere through systems thinking.

Join us this summer and become a new partner.

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