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Lesson plans include Context & Background, Standards & Goals, Materials & Resources, and Instruction.

Lesson Plan: Life Cycle of a T-Shirt (all grades)
Teachers: Judy Utvich and Dr. Barbara Moreno, Los Angeles Unified School District, retired

Lesson Plan: Garden Systems (Grades K-1)
Teacher: Grace Lazzarini, Sequoyah School, Pasadena

Lesson Plan: Worm Systems (Grade 1) 
Teacher: Molly Temple, Palms Elementary, Los Angeles

Lesson Plan: Systems Mapping (Grade K-2)
Teacher: Grace Lazzarini, Sequoyah School, Pasadena

Lesson Plan: One Crazy Summer: Literary analysis using the DSRP method (Grade 5)
Teacher: Dr. La Tanya Manuel, Mid-City’s Prescott School, Los Angeles

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Research Article

“Systems Thinking in a Second Grade Curriculum:
Students Engaged to Address a Statewide Drought”

Research Article

“Hopeful Discourse: Elementary Children’s
Activist Response to Modern Day Slavery
Grounded in Systems Thinking”

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