System Thinking For Kids PODCAST

Listen to conversations with classroom teachers and other thought leaders offering ideas and insights for making a systems learning approach work with your students… at any grade level.


Systems Thinking: The Time is Now!

Systems thinking thought leader, author, and consultant Linda Booth Sweeney weighs in on K-12 education with a clear message: tomorrow’s leaders need systems thinking today.


Grow Straight Up—With Systems Thinking

Hear the story of Tom Bray, a software engineer who’s using systems thinking to develop an ingenious, low-tech approach to urban gardening.


Launching a Teaching Career with Systems Thinking

When Dia Rabin tried on systems thinking as a brand new 5th grade teacher at Palms Elementary School, it was a perfect fit that defined her beginning practice.


Systems Thinking Anchors Teaching in a Sea of Change

Molly Temple returns to the podcast and shares how systems thinking provides a safe harbor as she navigates the shifting seas of literacy education in her 1st grade classroom.


Engage And Motivate With Systems Thinking

Doing homework for fun? It happens with systems thinking. Sarah Simon, Assistant Elementary Director at Wildwood School in Los Angeles, shares how systems thinking captivates student interest.

From The Cabrera Research Lab At Cornell

NASA loves systems thinking. Teachers do too. Cornell researchers Derek and Laura Cabrera talk about why systems thinking is also elementary, middle, and high school-friendly.

Systems Thinking For Social Action

Noted educator and DEI practitioner Monique Marshall shares how systems thinking is a key to unlock the action steps that kids can take to recognize and disrupt unjust systems in our world.

Bigger Than Just My Classroom

Chapman University researchers, Dr. Margie Curwen and Dr. Amy Ardell, highlight the sea change systems thinking is bringing to education.

Take Me To The River

For Chicago Public Schools teacher Melitza Rodriguez, a Systems Thinking approach led to a 2020 Educator of the Year Award.

Can Children Change The World? Absolutely!

Dr. La Tanya Manuel shares her insights using literature as a launchpad for Systems Thinking and social change with her 5th grade students.

Combining Systems Thinking with Other Best Practices

Technology teacher Jocelyn Paez shares how her K-5 students use Systems to enhance their learning at the Lovett School in Atlanta.

Growing First Grade Systems Thinkers

Molly Temple talks about her standards-driven Systems Thinking classroom at Palms Elementary School in Los Angeles.

Systems Teaching Online! It Works!

Grace Lazzarini of Sequoyah School in Pasadena CA, offers ideas for teaching systems wherever you are.

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