Systems Thinking Schools’ workshops and coaching assist educators everywhere to transform their practice to benefit student learning– making teaching more relevant, joyful, and responsive to students’ needs while still adhering to required standards.

Respects how kids learn

Children naturally make meaning across subject-area boundaries, seeking connections everywhere in their learning. Systems Thinking allows each teacher to engage students by working with the way they already think: Sparking curiosity and creativity to build knowledge within and across disciplines.

Enhances effective practices

Project Based Learning (PBL) becomes more meaningful and Design Thinking engenders deeper empathy as Systems Thinking provides multiple entry points for learning and deepens understanding of complexities and perspectives. Its flexible implementation supports the Universal Design for Learning (UDL), easing differentiation in instruction and assessment..

Makes teaching fun (again)

Systems Thinking encourages freer, more joyful teaching; it is neither a program nor a prescriptive curriculum. Rather, it is a responsive framework that allows teaching to follow where student interest and learning take it– with destinations often focused on improving the classroom, the community, or the world.

Provides transformative PD

All Systems Thinking Schools workshops are designed to help participants shift their practice and how they view the world. Our facilitators and coaches are current and former teachers who continue to deepen their Systems Thinking skills by learning from their students, and each other. Come learn with us at one of our workshops or coaching sessions.

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