You are your child’s first teacher; Systems Thinking thrives on the prior knowledge and experiences that you provide. Partnering with your school to bring this approach to their classroom enhances your child’s strengths and creates opportunities for their success, now and in the future.

Starts with you

The rich language, culture, and experiences students bring from home are the starting points of learning in a Systems Thinking classroom. The knowledge of the world you’ve provided your child becomes the backdrop for what they bring to their learning, enhanced and deepened as they progress through their schooling.

Is real learning

Your child’s success in school and in life requires the ability to think, not just memorize information; to make meaning, rather than fill in blanks. Learning at a Systems Thinking School engages students in creating knowledge and understanding not only what they are learning but why it’s important.

Empowers your child

Students in Systems Thinking Schools know that they can make a difference. By analyzing how natural and human-made systems work, students understand how the world works; from mathematics to science, from classrooms to the climate, Systems Thinking inspires children to use their knowledge to become change-makers.

Meets your child’s needs

Systems Thinking works because it adapts to the way your child learns. Regardless of learning style or need, teachers at Systems Thinking Schools employ a menu practices—reading, writing, drawing, conversation, movement, and more to help students create knowledge and confidently demonstrate what they’ve learned.

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