Helping teachers use a systems thinking approach with elementary and middle school students in public and private school classrooms.

Systems Thinking draws on the prior knowledge of students and allows them to see the connections that make the systems they are a part of work.

The very youngest students know about their families and classrooms; older students can appreciate more complexity in the community and beyond.

Teachers guide conversations that draw on student input to illustrate the ways our lives and communities function.

Systems Thinking is a student driven approach for expanding and deepening knowledge in any context.

Our successful launch of the Systems Thinking Classrooms in Los Angeles has involved the partnership of LAUSD Palms Elementary with the independent Wildwood School.


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Systems Thinking Schools in association with the Wildwood Outreach Center
at wildwood school
Elementary Campus / 12201 Washington Place / Los Angeles, CA 90066
Middle-Upper Campus / 11811 Olympic Blvd. / Los Angeles, CA 90064

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