About Us

Our Mission

Systems Thinking Schools inspires educators through transformative learning in Systems Thinking so that they can foster the critical thinking that students’ futures—and our world—will require.

How We began

SYSTEMS THINKING SCHOOLS began in 2015 as a partnership in learning between two schools in Los Angeles: Wildwood School, a K-12 private school, and Palms Elementary, a Title I neighborhood public school.
Systems Thinking brought us together; a teaching approach that encourages students to deepen their thinking by making connections between their learning and the natural and human-made systems around them. Our teachers and administrators have learned together from local experts and each other in order to implement Systems Thinking in our teaching and our students’ learning.

the results are clear

Our students are more engaged and confident in their learning within and across disciplines, and we have become more adept at fostering students’ inquiry, while guiding their learning toward established outcomes (with higher test scores!).

And we’ve made new friends and built community along the way.

professional development

Facilitated by the Wildwood Outreach Center, an internationally-known educator professional development and consulting center housed at Wildwood School, Systems Thinking Schools was joined in 2017 by Mid-City’s Prescott School of Enriched Sciences, a Title I magnet elementary school also in Los Angeles.
We’d like you to join us!
Systems Thinking Schools offers professional learning opportunities, coaching, and content in Systems Thinking to educators everywhere. Our experts are here for you, as facilitators and co-learners, as we work together to educate a new generation of Systems Thinkers ready to learn, lead, and change their world.

Step into Our Classrooms

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