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Engage students in their learning and unlock their power to change the world.

Why Systems Thinking Schools

Every student deserves the thinking skills necessary to learn and lead in tomorrow’s world. Our transformative Systems Thinking approach offers educators everywhere learning experiences to inspire nimble minds and agents of change.


Systems Thinking enhances all students’ abilities to think deeply, create knowledge, master course content, and affect change in their communities and their world.


Systems Thinking makes everything you teach more relevant, joyful, and responsive. Our workshops transform your practice, benefitting students and teachers.


Systems Thinking spurs teacher collaboration, excites families, and engages all learners. It’s research-based and correlates with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.


Systems Thinking thrives on the knowledge and experiences that parents provide as children’s first teachers. Classroom learning enhances lived experiences.


Systems Thinking fosters students’ exploration of global, ethical, and environmental issues—encouraging increased personal responsibility and positive social action.

What is systems thinking?

Systems are linked entities organized to serve a particular purpose. Every system is also part of other, larger systems.

Systems Thinking is a way of seeing concepts, objects, and subjects as interconnected, rather than isolated. Understanding systems deepens and enhances learning.

L.A. grown, globally known

Systems Thinking Schools is a program of the Wildwood Outreach Center at Wildwood School in Los Angeles, a world-renowned incubator of effective approaches in education. Since 2000 we’ve assisted over 1,000 public and private schools globally to implement Wildwood-inspired, research-based teaching and learning that benefits all students.






Meet our Experts

A cohort of classroom teachers and administrators at public and private schools in Los Angeles and around the country. We engaged in Systems Thinking practices and want to share with you.
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Systems Thinking For Kids Podcast

Listen to conversations with classroom teachers offering ideas and insights for making a systems learning approach work with your students… at any grade level..



Exceptional Professional Development

Our unique workshops provide curious educators opportunities to build and grow a systems thinking approach in the classrooms and schools.

what they’re saying

What teachers say about our workshops.

“Mind-blowing! Systems Thinking brings hope and inspiration to teaching, learning, and the future of the world.”

“You leave with fresh ideas that you are able to implement immediately.”

“The format of this workshop is unlike any others that are typically led by one facilitator—it’s collaborative and highlights authentic teacher and student work.”

“I believe that Systems Thinking has the potential to truly revolutionize how students learn and teachers practice.”

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Systems Thinking Schools is a program of the Wildwood Outreach Center
at Wildwood School
Elementary Campus / 12201 Washington Place / Los Angeles, CA 90066
Middle-Upper Campus / 11811 Olympic Blvd. / Los Angeles, CA 90064

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